About Us


Expial Atrocious is a West Midlands based theatre company which was co-founded in the back of a Wetherspoons in Worcester. With the aim of finding new and unusual methods of storytelling at the heart of their practice, the company is inspired by Epic theatre, playful and dynamic physicalisation, and absurdist practitioners and techniques.


Each show created by the company has the capacity to be performed live, toured nationally, and recorded for digital audiences. The relationship between the actors and the audience is an important element for the company, as they want to immerse viewers in their stories and characters, pose questions and provide a moment of escapism.


Expial Atrocious pride themselves on being physical storytellers, through their signature use of exaggerated body language, vocal work and complex characters, as well as the implementation of a twist or shock aspect to their narratives. Even though each show is different in terms of content and aesthetic, the company implements common themes into their work, such as: the darker side of human nature, the lengths people will go for their deepest desire and the intricacies of human interactions.

Mission Statement

Expial Atrocious are committed to making message-fuelled stories that bring to light issues we face as women, as artists, and as humans.


We strive to make theatre for everyone, and will not be confined by the boxes of the theatrical hierarchy. We tell unusual stories with abstract methods of storytelling. We create fantastical but familiar situations to immerse our audiences in. We provoke the questioning minds of today, create theatrical spectacles and offer new perspectives for our audiences to reflect on even after the show has ended.


We are fierce. And we will create fiercely. We are Expial Atrocious. Are you ready?

Nic Lawton

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Nic has been making and enjoying theatre for as long as she can remember. Her passion for the stage sparked during her primary school years; one of her fondest memories being a Year 6 production of ‘Oliver!’ that she wrote and directed herself. Since then, she hit the ground running in pursuit of her dream career in the theatre industry. She studied drama throughout secondary school and college, and later began attending workshops at the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Other Palace in Stratford-upon-Avon and worked with Vamos Theatre Company for a one-week mask experience.
Through her educational and theatrical studies, she discovered her deep-seated interest in physical theatre, absurdism and stylised/original performance pieces. Her passions and hunger for knowledge led her study at University with her company members for her Masters in Touring Theatre.
Alongside her studies, Nic has co-written a Steampunk murder mystery novel with her best friend, which they self-published in August 2019. She is also a crazy cat lady with excessive eyeliner and hopes that she will one day haunt the theatres and libraries of the world.

Company Members

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ezre holland

Ez has always been theatrically inclined, starting at a young age with her dream role as Mary in her primary school’s nativity. As a kid, her dad and grandma pushed her creativity, always inspiring her to sing and dance through life. After their passing, Ez had a fire in her belly like never before, to pursue her career, making them proud with every round of applause.

Her passion for the arts drew her to studying GSCE and A Level Theatre Studies in her later years, passing with flying colours and pushing her forward to pursue her aspirations. During her A Level qualifications, she snatched up the opportunity to help in drama lessons and the drama club for the younger years in her school to explore and teach her newly found theatrical knowledge. She later went on to direct, produce and star in Henrik Ibsen’s ‘Hedda Gabler’, a play and character she has always loved and admired. Ez is currently studying for her Masters in Touring Theatre alongside Faye and Nic but also has a professional entertainment career during the Summer seasons. She has top level experience in presenting, hosting, character work and, most importantly, singing.

Her singing career took flight during her time as an entertainer allowing her to perform weekly sets in front of thousands of people each week. She took this opportunity to create a name for herself and created her own one-woman company, EZRI. She looks forward to pursuing her singing career alongside the upcoming work with her company-mates.

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Faye Bingham

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Faye found The Arts in her early teens attending the local youth theatre company and then later joined ‘The Nonentities’ and has excelled in areas such as Sound, Lighting as well as Performing. Her Professional career began at 17 with various roles in TV, Film, Advertisements and Music Videos and has even ventured onto prestigious stages such as the Royal Shakespeare Company and West End Live. She is currently studying alongside her company members for her Masters in Touring Theatre. In her spare time you can find Faye somersaulting her way through a trampoline competition, rolling along in training for Worcester Wolves Wheelchair Basketball Team or out playing with her doggo’s.
Her credits include:
TV - BBC’s ‘Doctors’, C4’s ‘My Mad Fat Diary’, ITV’s ‘Victoria’, ITV’s ‘Code Of A Killer’ and BBC’s ‘Father Brown’. Film - ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’
Advertisement - Ryanair and Lemsip
Music Videos - Ellie Goulding, Jake Bugg, The Wanted and Gabz Gardiner.
Theatre - ‘Hairspray - West End Live’ and ‘The Merchant of Venice - RSC’