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hear. speak. see. 

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Dinner with strangers is always awkward, especially when you’re the guest of honour. 


You are cordially invited to the dinner party of your life. The dress code is “come as you are”. Secrets and all. Pour yourself into this twisted tale, relish in a new form of dynamic storytelling and devour this experience from a new perspective. 

We only ask that you make yourself at home, keep your elbows off the table and be who you say you are. ‘Hear. Speak. See.’ is a brand new immersive drama by Expial Atrocious… and we’ve saved you a seat.




'Window Observations' 

Have you ever felt so trapped in your present that you look to others to escape it? After turning her lockdown life around, N. J. Lawton’s new one-act play Window Observations is about looking to an unsuspecting source for inspiration during a time of national crisis. Three nameless women in quarantine take a break from their neglected routines to look out of their windows and narrate the lives of others on the other sides of the glass.


As the women’s stories start to link and they see the things they think nobody else can, their detailed descriptions begin to intertwine and soon, the audience can see them too. Written to be performed on camera, Window Observations was created about isolation, in a time of isolation. The play showcases how taking the time to pause, breathe and look can make you realise more things than you may have thought possible.